The Guest…

December 30th, 2011

Do Over…

December 19th, 2011

Long time no listen! After a few weeks on hiatus, the gentlemen are back and are excited to bring you Episode 6. In the episode we have dubbed the "Do Over," the guys talk about driving in the cold and rain, "the hoopty!", questionable parenting styles, and speaking of children: those that do the doo in the improper recepticles and those that doo with the door open as well...awkward. The guys also share some feelings on church signs and the ten commandments, and the guys wrap things up (in under and hour mind you) with a shout out to Jill Schneider and her web site Check it's good to be back, we are coming to you with open arms, let us in...not in a creepy way.


Washy is “Expecting?”

December 2nd, 2011

We can tell you one thing that you will be thankful for this holiday season, and that is more Washy and Treat! In Episode 5, the gentlemen bring you Matt's complaints about not being a genius, and the time he called his friend a streetwalker. The guys also discuss Revenge of the Nerds, whale racing, Matt's creepy impressions, and the guys try to tackle the great baby starter kit mystery, as the guys try to settle once and for all if Washy is "expecting". Then, they recap the great Washburn family football game and it's many injuries...happy Thanksgiving to the world, and enjoy!