Saturday Sporting Superlatives

November 21st, 2011

In episode number 4, we bring you a wrap-up of one of Washy and Treat's best sports weekends of their lives: attending a U.S. women's soccer match and taking in the Arizona win over ASU in hostile Glendale - all while enjoying some of the more intersting people-watching a couple of guys could ever ask for. Matt also discusses a creepy call-in on Delilah's evening show, and the guys tackle the great confident girl/intimidating girl paradigm. Or is it paradox? Either way the guys are bringing the funk and the rhythm, so don't miss a beat and enjoy episode number 4 from Washy and Treat!


What was your name again?

November 14th, 2011

Washy and Treat are back for the third installment of A Little About A Lot! In this episode, Matt describes an episode of the Twilight Zone, Treat presents his idea for "You're Welcome Cards", the guys share a disliking for Jennifer Garner, and a few of Matt's patent ideas. Washy is also left pondering if he is just one of the gals at work when they make fun of his weiner, and Colin points out that all Middle School kids are in fact A-Holes. Don't miss out on the plugs and shout-outs to our homies at the end. Sit back, relax, and take a breath, as we step out in front to be the best. Here it is, number three, love it.


The Rumbles & The Grumbles

November 5th, 2011

The Deuce! In this week's episode, Washy and Treat are at it again as they delve into "serious" topics, such as recent digestive issues, Washy's bathroom phobia, Treat and his fear of horsies, and the idea of "having relations" with muscular forearmed ladies. Plus, the guys introduce some new, entertaining features entitled "Great American Film History Moments" and "Lost Conversations with Harry Caray and Howard Cosell." Enjoy!